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A Must Watch - Fantastic Fungi

Did somebody say mushrooms!?

I love Paul Stamets, he lives in Washington State and I was so priveleged to take his micro restoration course, as well as visit his facility. He led me to honestly fall in love with all types of mushrooms. What Paul has to teach us is mind boggling, and I so wanted to just give up my whole life to start working with him, however, I already had a very rich life and there was just NO way I could get the message out about the importance of mushrooms on top of what I was already doing. I was tickled pink when I found out this movie was made, Fantastic Fungi, you've got to watch this it will change your whole outlook on life. The origins of life, how mushrooms can serve both your emotional wellness and your physical wellness. This is a must watch and I believe that every student on the planet should have to watch this!


The Fantastic Fungi film can be watched on many streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and watch this incredile film and learn about the beautiful kingdom of fungi.

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