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Biggest Lifestyle Medicine Summit of The Year

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered who is right and who is wrong about nutrition? Which diet is right for you? Who to believe...?

I am so excited to be sharing the stage with my mentor professor T. Colin Campbell as well as many other colleagues. I remember meeting Bruce Lipton when I was a first-year graduate student at Stanford and he's quite the character. Of course, he is very famous now. He said 90% of doctors visits are related to stress. He said that at an opening talk for the world’s largest Lifestyle Medicine Summit, which is happening October 27-31. I am one of the speakers on day 1 where I will be going over the science behind lifestyle medicine.


A lot of people think anything outside of standard western medicine as woo-woo. Well, if you look into to science behind lifestyle medicine it's actually more sound, more holistic, and more capable of helping a person get their health back. Why do I know this? Well, I wrote a lifestyle program myself called "Shred10" many years ago. This was after I met professor T. Colin Campbell back in 2007. What is so interesting is that he came to hear ME speak, and I was so nervous. Not because I was in front of 7000 people but because he was in the front row, and I had not read his New York Times bestseller "The China Study" yet. So, I felt a little embarrassed and overwhelmed with awe and respect that this giant was in the audience and was here to listen to me speak. Later he went backstage and in just 5 minutes of speaking with him, I realized that he was the real deal. I had been searching for so many years for the answers to diet and nutrition. Who was right? Who was wrong? After I heard professor Campbell speak I knew that this guy was someone I really needed to listen to. So I decided to try a plant-based diet for 30 days just to experiment to see what would happen. I also picked up the book "The China Study." I had not taken a highlighter to a book since my college days. My plant-based experimental month became a year and then it became a lifestyle for me.


Since I became a plant-eater, so many of my health challenges began to go away. Most importantly I never had to worry about losing weight again. I knew that eating a variety of whole food plant-based meals, not vegan junk food, bit real fruits and vegetables and whole grains (with the exception of wheat-rye, and barley that have gluten), beans and legumes, mushrooms, nuts, and seeds, then my body had all the nutrients it needed to thrive.

But there is more to living a whole, beautiful life. Come join me on Oct 27th, the opening day of the 5-day Lifestyle Medicine Summit at 10:30 PDT, and 1:30 EDT to learn more. I will also be speaking with the rREST team on Day 5 of the event at 11:30 AM EDT.

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