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Brain Study & Omegas

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

My name is Dr. Mitra Ray and I want to be around to dance at my grandchildren's wedding. That's why I started taking responsibility to make lifestyle change - reduce stress, pay attention to my sleep, hydrate, exercise and most importantly get more plants into my body

To that end, for the last 27 years, I have been eating and recommending a whole food nutritional product called Juice Plus. No, it’s not juice, but it is food. Juice Plus is encapsulated plant powders and omega fats. What that means is that it’s a salad bar in a capsule. And mom win….these plant powders also come in a chewable form and the omegas can also serve as a chewable as they don’t taste like fish oils; they have kind of a orange popsicle taste to them for the kiddos and their growing brains.

These products have an impressive body of clinical research behind them. What that means is: “There is nothing else available in any place in the world - with or without a prescription - that has been shown to do what JP has been proven to do” for the whole body. It’s safe and protects your cells from womb to tomb. I wish my parents had had this earlier in their lives. It leaves me with so many what ifs... which is why I am here today.


The Research!

It’s my privilege to share three quick research updates on our whole food Juice Plus products, especially from the perspective of brain health. I hope this makes my mom proud!

The first thing I want to share is the update on omegas because they are so critical for every cell in your body. People would ask me “Dr. Mitra, what omega supplement do you recommend?” and to this I had no answer other than ‘Well you just have to eat a variety of nuts and seeds in your diet daily. So grind them up in a smoothie or put them on top of salads every day.’ Honestly even for me, a dedicated healthy eater that was no small feat. And taking a supplement wasn’t the answer I thought. I didn’t trust the industry because of the many technical challenges involved putting these delicate omega fats into capsule form. What that means is that the omega soft gels on the health food shelf most likely have rancid fats in them because they have been exposed to heat to get them into that gel cap. I would never recommend that. The Juice Plus Omegas are captured safely using a proprietary technology and contain not just omega 3, but also the full spectrum of omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 as found in Mother Nature. The key indicator for cardiovascular health is a test for how much omega 3, specifically DHA and EPA, is found in the red blood cells. Doctors are particularly interested in these two omega 3 fats, and this measurement is called the omega index. What that means is that your red cells can bounce around and do their job. Just like you cannot dance or do yoga when you are stiff, having lots of omega in their membranes makes the red blood cells and every cell in your body more fluid and functional. Here is an impressive graph showing the changes in the fluidity of your red blood cells from the start of the study to 16 weeks later. Comparing the two blue bars, the control group shows no significant change, whereas there is a significant change in the omega index from taking two omega capsules a day.

Given this research, my highest recommendation is for kids under 12 or under 100 lbs to take 2 of the JP omegas a day and for adults to take 4 of each day.

When I researched how a full spectrum of omegas protect us, I realized that the JP omegas are way ahead of their time. And I wish I had them around for my parents...

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