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Getting Healthier with JP Essentials Bundle

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Let me start by telling a story...

I was chasing down my kids to feed them when the phone rang and immediately my heart felt like it stopped. It’s as if my heart already knew that the doctor was calling to tell me that my mother had Alzheimer's. How ironic I thought as I had studied Alzheimer’s as a research scientist but at that moment, all my knowledge wasn’t helping me nor my mom. I had already lost my father to his second heart attack and now this. I looked at my kids and my next thought was, ‘I never want them to face these kinds of harsh realities that I am facing.’ If you have ever wondered how to keep your family healthy, then you know how I felt in that moment when I recommitted to my own health and the health of my family. One thing you and I both need is an easy way to get more plant omegas and plant polyphenols into our bodies daily. The Juice Plus Protective Plus Bundle or, JP QUAD as I like to call it, delivers exactly that at a fraction of the cost of trying to get that through food daily, not to mention the time to get it done. Of course, eat as many real fruits and vegetables as you can daily. In fact, I found that taking JP daily had my children crave more fruits and veggies naturally. And it helped me improve my sleep. It gives me the energy to stay active and I am more conscious of my health overall. So why does this matter? Let me share some research! The first thing I want to share is about omegas because they are so critical for every cell in your body. People previous to the release of the JP Omega Blend would ask me what omega supplement do I recommend and to this, I had no answer other than ‘Well you just have to eat a variety of nuts and seeds in your diet daily. So grind them up in a smoothie or put them on top of salads every day.’ Honestly, even for me, being a dedicated healthy eater was no small feat. That is because I didn’t trust the industry due to the many technical challenges involved in putting these delicate omega fats into capsule form. The second piece of research I want to share is about polyphenols which is a big word but don’t let that scare you from learning about this incredible family of nutrients found in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The polyphenols in plant-based diets reduce overall mortality as well as chronic disease. When you hear words like adaptogens or antioxidants, think polyphenols. They are the key to the kingdom of great health. They help you look and feel younger so you want them. These are all included in the Juice Plus Protective Plus bundle.

I recently did a research update video for Juice Plus+ where I do an even deeper dive on the topics covered in this blog and more. You can find this video by clicking here Before you click away from this page I want to leave you with this. I cannot go back in time and save my parents from their fate. I cannot reverse my loss which was profound. What I can do is be an example for my children. They are adults now and finishing up their college education. In raising them, what I found was most important was my example, more than any words I ever spoke to them. Recently one of my daughters said to me, “Mom I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do if I had anyone else as a mom. My friends always come to me with their challenges because they think I am so wise. And all I do is tell them what you have taught me. That I am ultimately responsible for my health, my happiness, and my life.”

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