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Seafood And "Seaspiracy"

Many people give up red meat but turn to seafood instead, is this the right choice..?

A lot of people say "I've given up eating red meat, and now I only eat fish!" I cannot tell you how many functional medicine conferences I've attend with incredible, just incredible and highly professional doctors who are very much interested in helping people heal through healthy diet and lifestyle, however, I would disagree when they would put up the classic plate of what people thought was a healthy diet. This classic plate would be a plate with salmon and vegetables. And my eyes would just roll up and I'd say "this is just so not true." Well, the movie "Seaspiracy" takes this concept to a whole other level. If you are a conscious human and eater then you owe it to yourself and your family to watch this movie.

Not only will you learn the incredible impact we've had on sea life from fishing but also our garbage and waste. In addition you will also learn how the industry has worked hard to fool us in a number of ways.

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So don’t eat fish now either?

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